Are the Unreached Getting Harder to Reach?

     Here at M3 Global, we dream of the day when all people have ample opportunity to hear what God has done for them through His Son, Jesus Christ. Like you, we long to make Jesus known to the billions of people in the world today who will most likely live and die without every hearing HIs Name. But it seems as though this task is getting increasingly more difficult–at least in some places.

Just this week, a Christian brother from India asked me to pray for his family and friends who are going though severe persecution by their Hindu neighbors back in India. The drone attack on an American military base along the Jordan/Syria border this week that killed and injured American soldiers will undoubtedly result in heightened security risks for our frontline ministry partners in this region. Yesterday, there were reports of more pastors and church members in Nigeria being murdered for their faith. And the country here in the Middle East where my wife and I reside seems to be ramping up its support of anti-Western, anti-Israel jihadist groups. So, how should the global church respond in light of these increasing difficulties? How should M3 Global and its partners respond?

This year, M3’s commitment to getting the Good News of Jesus to the unreached is more resolute than ever. In fact, if you’ve been following us on social media, you’ve seen our posts this past month openly declaring this unwavering commitment. In case you missed them, the posts included the following statements:

  1. Unengaged and Unreached People – We refuse to stand idly by as people enter eternity without Christ when we can share the good news that transforms them through any means possible. (Acts 5:40-42)
  2. The Weak and Infirm – We refuse to watch people for whom Christ died suffer in pain and poverty when we can help restore them in His name. (1 John 3: 17-18)
  3. The Resistant – We refuse to fear the darkness that entraps people when common sense says, “protect yourself.” We will put on the armor of God and pray fervently for the sake of the unreached. (Ephesians 6: 10-20)
  4. Partnership – We will release what God has given us to empower others to multiply God’s kingdom through The gifts He has given them. (Romans 12 :4-5)
  5. Technology – We will leverage, to the best of our ability, God’s gift of technology to reveal His eternal wisdom to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. (Habakkuk 2: 2-3, 2 Timothy 4:2)
  6. Resources – We will employ every resource, talent and ounce of energy God gives us to shine the light of His grace into the darkest recesses of the planet. (Matthew 25: 14-30)
  7. Declaration – We will shout from every peak, pinnacle and rooftop that the only hope for this dying world is a relationship with Jesus Christ. (Psalm 96: 2-5, Acts 4:12)

This “Manifesto for the Unreached” was created and shared by the Alliance for the Unreached, and has been affirmed by like-minded individuals, churches, and organizations around the world.

Here at M3 Global, we join this alliance in proclaiming that, “As long as God provides His abundant grace, we will not stop or be deterred from this calling. We work relentlessly for the day when a gaze around the expanse of heaven reveals thousands worshipping at Jesus’ feet because of the mission He gave us for this moment in eternity (Revelation 5: 9-10).”

What a glorious day it will be when our Lord Jesus returns and people from every tongue, tribe, and nation are gathered around His throne to worship Him. (For a glimpse of this, watch the video below) Until that time comes, we must resist the urge to retreat from the darkness and, like the many faithful followers who have gone before us, continue to charge into the darkness and push it back with the marvelous Light. May God go before us as we seek to do His will here on earth just as it is done in heaven.

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